We would certainly appreciate a donation. We would also appreciate your help in scientifically testing this approach. If you can do both, that would be wonderful. If making a donation is not possible at this time, please consider participating in testing it.

Either way, we are grateful. 

What is being tested?

Based on evidence, anxiety is the primary negative emotion and it is a conscious process. 

Anxiety is the sensation we get when our brain is predicting an unwanted future. All other negative emotions represent different possible kinds of unwanted futures we are predicting. For example, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and loneliness are different possibilities.

Since it is a conscious process, we should be able to learn to control it and avoid creating most of it. 

I have developed an approach that has been “very successful” in decreasing anxiety. The results are, of course, anecdotal. 

Testing this approach scientifically is the way to collect data that will show how effective it is.

How would the testing be done?

The instruments used to evaluate the approach, the DASS-21 and the GAD-7 surveys, are well known and in use globally. Both can be completed in a couple minutes.

All results will be anonymous. No identifying formation will be used except to email you a reminder when it is time to take the surveys. It is the effect on the participants as a group that is being evaluated. 

The DASS-21, Depression, Anxiety, Stress Score, measures the amount of anxiety, stress, and depression you have experienced in the last few weeks.

The Gad-7 measures your level of anxiety.

The testing schedule is set up to create baselines before the seminars and before studying any material in the online course. 

You will take both the DASS-21 and the GAD-7 BEFORE the seminar.

You will take the GAD-7 two weeks after the seminar.

90 days later, you would take BOTH surveys one final time. The results will indicate any effects the approach might have on the levels of stress and depression and demonstrate how lasting the results are.

Estimated total time involved in completing all 5 testing surveys is approximately 10 minutes. You can access the surveys from any device.

Signup here to help me evaluate this approach. I truly appreciate your time and interest.


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