Learning Cycles

Learning Cycles

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Once we see how our brains learn, we can see how to use the same methods to update the life skills we have with skills that reflect a better understanding of what life can be, and will produce much better outcomes.

Learning Cycles

Here is a diagram which explains the basic process of how we acquired, and use, the knowledge we have. It shows that the learning process is actually cyclical.

What we see is what we learn, is what we do, which produces the results we see, is what we learn, is what we do, which produces the results we see, is what we do….

Within the “see-learn-do-results” cycle is another cycle which is the real reason for almost all our problems. It is also the key to understanding how we can change it.

Since children have already developed their fundamental thinking processes before they go to school, their thinking becomes have already become a habit. All our brain has to do to create a habit is repeat an activity, either physical or mental a number of times.

After the habit is created, when we encounter a situation, we refer to our old collection of experiences, so we can interpret what is happening. If we find an experience in our memory that appears to be nearly the same, we just use that meaning for the current situation. Our interpretation of today depends entirely on what is already stored.

The habits we learned as a toddler dictate what we see is the only thing we can see, because it is the conclusion we have stored. We react to what we encounter in life based on our previous experience.

We may believe we are consciously making choices, but this cycle shows what is really going on in our brain. Ninety-nine-point-nine (99.9) percent of our day is habit. We are conscious less than 2 minutes a day.

The only way to change the results part of the cycle is to “DO” something differently that will yield different results. A different choice will produce a different, outcome. Doing something different creates a different environment. It also reflects back to you a different person.

That usually cannot happen because the only options we can choose are already there.

We are so busy interpreting the world by comparing it to our past experiences that we cannot see things for what they are. Believing what we already know to be an accurate description of the entire world limits our potential to understand the world as it actually exists, and to make better choices.

The purpose of this course is to show you how to create a new option, so you can use it instead of being locked in your habits. The new option, after a while will become another habit, but it will produce much better results.

This explanation about how we learn and how we use our knowledge has an important lesson for us. Who we think we are is simply thoughts and opinions about personal experiences that we developed as toddlers. Those experiences were too limited and unique to give an accurate way to interpret life, and make choices as an adult.

Only by first freeing ourselves from the idea that we are what we think, and understand thinking is a skill which we can change and improve, can we transform our life. It is vital to remember who we really are is not limited to our past experiences.

You are not your thoughts, the object of your thoughts, or even your opinion about your thoughts. Humans use thoughts.

You are the THINKER. You are a Being separate from, and greater than, the sum of your experiences.

There is no “authentic” self, so you can give up looking for that which does not exist. Who you are now is a composite of the people in your Environmental Genome when you were a tiny child.

One of the most freeing realizations is this: you are what you choose to do. The only way to change your world is to change the choices you are making.

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