Sophy’s Curse: A Life of Habit

Saving our world is an inside job! 

It’s Not Out There. The biggest threats facing us as individuals, couples, families, communities, countries, or as a species, are INTERNAL. They are not external.

The current systems focused on helping individuals simply are not working. Mental health, self-help, and nearly all religions are not having any effect on anxiety, anger, and anguish. If they were actually helping the individual, the growth rate would be slowing down instead of speeding up.

You are ready for change. Most people who arrive here are earnestly seeking something that can help them transform their lives.

You’ve been looking. You have had enough expert advice, secrets, magic formulas, brain tricks, proven methods, and motivational BS to last a lifetime.

And none of it has worked.

Every life is unique. I can’t tell you what to do. It’s your life and your situation is one-of-a-kind.

But I can show you a different way to think that will help you see more clearly and create a better solution for yourself.

This Mini-Course has been put together to accomplish one thing: to show you there is a radically different way to approach the entire subject of changing your life.

It doesn’t fight with your brain, it works with it.

The Introductory Mini-Course     Sophy’s Curse: A Life of Habit

Course Information

Estimated Time: One Week

Course Instructor: Douglas McKee

Course Information

Estimated Time: One Week

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Douglas McKee Douglas McKee Instructor

Sophys Curse: A Life of Habit


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