Life Is All About Skills

We know at least 95% of our serious problems come from how we do the three most important life skills: our relationships, our choices, and our negative emotions.

We know the development of our skills with these three skills begins at the moment of our conception, peaks when we are 18 months old, and has matured before we start school.

We know, or we should know because it is obvious, that those skills would be limited to managing a toddler’s world. They are not the skills we need to manage our world as teens or adults.

Knowing these things makes the solution obvious. Upgrading, or improving our skills will enable us to have better relationships, think in ways that do not create uncontrollable negative emotions, and empower you to consistently make better choices.

Welcome to Life Is All About Skills. This is a radically different approach to help you upgrade your life skills.

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Relationships – Part One



Relationships – Part Two

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