Anxiety & Stress Prevention

What do you need to solve a problem? The answer is fairly straight forward. You need the skills required to create a better solution, or at least, a workable solution.

Life is no different. If you have the life skills you need to solve the problems you encounter, they don’t create negative emotions and you can enjoy your life with significantly fewer problems.

If you were raised in an environment in which more problems were solved than created, you will almost always have the life skills to create solutions for the problems you encounter.

If, on the other hand, you were raised in an environment in which there were a lot of problems that were not solved well, you need to improve your skills for creating better solutions.

LIFE Is All About Skills is built on current science as well as age-old wisdom that shows you can upgrade the skills you have. With better skills, you can enjoy more close and nurturing relationships, make consistently better choices, and significantly decrease, or eliminate, the majority of your negative emotions.

The full Course is presented in 6 Sections with a total of 48 Lessons, each covering a major aspect of your life, but also covering many other skills we use in each.

Anxiety & Stress Prevention is a mini-course. It contains the lessons from the full course that focus on helping you upgrade your skills with negative emotions. It’s a lot easier, and frequently necessary, to get our emotions under control so we can think reasonably, and not just react as we do,

It’s also lot easier to avoid creating negative emotions rather than have to deal with them or the damage they have caused. Negative emotions are like fires. A small one is manageable, but if they get out of control, the damage can be life-threatening.  

The skills are taught using the same techniques used to teach all skills, Concepts and Procedures.

The studies and references that support the course conclusions will be available. but will some time to upload.

When you purchase the course, you automatically become a life member and will receive anything added to the course.

A weekly teleconference will begin in January 2020 where new information will be presented, and your questions answered.

The world needs you to learn, so you can share, the skills that got humanity here, the skills that can keep you safe, and the skills that can keep you sane.

Life Is All About Skills and Anxiety and Stress Prevention are delivered with my personal promise.

If you complete our program and don’t see significant improvements in your life skills and emotions, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

There are four things you must have done to show you really made an effort.

You finished all the lessons in the course.
You emailed me your question as needed for clarification.
You participated in the weekly teleconference calls.
You practiced the skills for 60 days after you finished the course.


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Anxiety & Stress Prevention


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