Competition IS Literally Killing Us

Why is it now critical that we transform our lives and our culture?

     No civilization, ever, has survived long after

it gets to where we are today.

       We are more anxious, angry, and depressed than ever.

We can’t form stable and nurturing relationships.

Our family skills have almost vanished.

Our negative emotions are out of control.

Our choices create more problems than they solve.

Individual’s lives are the glue of civilizations.

When their lives fail, it fails.

Civilization is the transmission of knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. If that transmission does not happen, the civilization dies.

What have we lost in the last 100 years? We have lost the most important things that empowered us to get here, close and nurturing relationships. What have we replaced them with? Anxiety, anger, and anguish.

Why has it happened?

The real reason civilization is failing

All civilizations are built on competition. Competition rewards aggression. We have been conditioned to compete for everything with everyone since we were tiny children. We even compete with the ones we love. Our children have to compete for our time and affection.

Competition is about “my” agenda. It is not about “our” agenda. Competition does not unify us, it separates and isolates us. These emotions have our levels of anxiety, depression, and anger so high they are threatening to destroy everything we value.

Unless we transform our lives and learn to work together, our entire civilization will fall apart because, just like our personal lives, our relationships, and our families, we don’t know how to make the kinds of choices that can keep them together.

We are at the point where we have only three options.

Do nothing and watch as civilization collapses.

Be fortunate enough to die before it does.

Transform our lives and our culture.

Transformation is by far our best choice. It’s the best if we want our lives to be what we once thought they would be. It’s the easiest also, given the disastrous results of doing nothing.

The free mini-course will show you why this is a radically different approach to transforming your life. It will show you how to use your brain rather than fight with it.

The Course can teach you the skills you need to have better relationships, think in ways that create fewer negative emotions, and make better choices.