Built For Change

Our Brain is Built for Change

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Every choice you make sends instructions to your future. Every decision actually creates an environment, creates a context, creates a space, creates a situation, creates an opportunity, either physical or mental, in which the next step in your life will.

What kinds of environments are you creating? Ones in which the things you would like, can happen? Ones that make sure they don’t? Ones in which the things you don’t want to happen are almost guaranteed to happen? Or, do you choose to become a participant in what you perceive as someone else’s environment?

The important point is this: you create the environment. You choose the instructions you send to your future, and you can change those instructions.

Learning better skills to create better results makes changing a lot easier.

Built for Change

Every choice is important. Every choice demonstrates the level of skill you have at this thing called life. Every choice creates a mirror of who you are and what you, deep in your heart, believe your life will be. Every habitual choice reinforces yesterday’s limits.

Making a different choice can create an environment in which something better may happen.

When I say “better,” someone always asks, “just what do you mean by better? By better, I mean three things.

We can have a life in which we enjoy more loving and nurturing relationships.

We can have a life in which we experience significantly fewer negative emotions.

We can have a life in which we know how to consistently make better choices.

We all want to create the first kind of environments, the ones in which the things we want can happen. We want life to be what we imagined it would be.

But, unless we update the skills we have, we will continue to create the other kinds of environments, and suffer because the outcomes are not close to what we want at all.

When we understand how, where, and when we learned the life skills we have that created these environments, it will become clear why we are not very good at creating the kinds of environments we want. It also explains why we have difficulty managing (as in participating in) the most important ones in ways that will help them succeed and will help them last.

Creating different kinds of environments requires different skills. That’s obvious. We should not expect to improve our skills without better instructions and practice.

Michael Jordan once said, “You can practice shooting hoops eight hours a day, but if your technique is not right, all you are doing is getting really good at doing it the wrong way.” That is what has happened to us. We have all become really good at doing some of our life skills one way, when there are much better ways we can do them.

It would be horrible if we could not change, and indeed there are millions of us who probably suffer horribly from the belief they cannot change, than from the actual results of their choices. What we call anxiety and depression are both beliefs that the future holds nothing but more suffering.

But, thankfully the human brain is built for change.  It has to be, or our species would not have survived long enough to get where we are today.

When people say, “I can’t change, or It’s so hard to change,” what they are really saying is they don’t understand why they do the things they do, and they do not understand how to change them, so the results can be better.

Our brain has an amazing ability to change.

Our brain also knows how to make incredibly good choices. The evidence for this is all our successful habits.

Think about all the successful habits you have. The vast majority of our habits are good ones. They get us through today and, barring anything lethal, they will get us through tomorrow.

There are three environments in which over ninety-five percent of our current anxiety, anguish, anger, and chronic health problems are created, or experienced; emotions, relationships, and making choices. Improving your understanding and practicing better skills in them will quickly make your life a lot better.

This course will give you the skills you need to take advantage of those built-in processes for change and quickly begin creating the kinds of environments in which you can find peace and contentment.

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