Years ago, I started seriously studying people because I wanted to figure out how some people can be relaxed, content, almost never upset or angry, have great relationships, raise good children, and make choices that evolve their lives rather than complicate them.

The reason I wanted to figure out how they could be that way is that one day, when I was about 35, I took a hard look at my life and knew I could be so much better at all those things, but I also realized frequently I was none of them.

If we look at the current studies, we are in worse shape now than ever. Despite all the supposed advances we have made, over 95% of our problems come from these three things: problems with relationships, problems with negative emotions, and problems making good choices.

The most amazing thing I discovered is this: We already know how to do all of those things very well.

Maybe we have problems using the skills in some specific aspects of our lives, but the same processes needed to do them well are already being used in others. The evidence for that is our Successful Habits.

Our brain knows how to do the skills to do them well and does them thousands of times every day.

That sounds just too good to be true There has to be a catch, doesn’t there? Well, there is no catch. Our brains really do know how to do them.

Our subconscious knows how to do them. Every activity we do without consciously thinking about it, such as walking, feeding ourselves, driving, math, language. and speaking, is handled by our subconscious.

Since our subconscious already knows how to do all these things well, it does not take a great amount of tweaking to get our conscious mind to use the same processes, and by using it, automatically retrain our subconscious. It does, however, take practice.

Our subconscious had to learn all the skills we use in life somehow. How it learns, is not some esoteric secret.

The free mini-course contains the theory, reasoning, and some of the science that backs up the first organized method you can use to retrain your subconscious with better skills. It will show you how you can work with your brain instead of fighting against it.

The Course contains the concepts and procedures necessary to understand the skills, and the steps to practice to improve how you do them.

© 2017 Douglas McKee