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If you complete our program and don’t see significant improvements in your life skills and emotions, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

There are four things you must have done to show you really made an effort.

You finished all the lessons in the course.
You emailed me your questions as needed for clarification.
You participated in the weekly teleconference calls.
You practiced the skills for 60 days after you finished the course.
Douglas McKee
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As you begin the marvelous journey to mastering the emotional side of your being, remember that not too long ago, all the experts believed the world was flat.
The people who are always OK, no matter what is going on around them, do not have a secret. They are just using a couple “key skills” you already know but have forgotten how to use.
If there is a secret, it is that your subconscious knows those skills, and uses them every day.
This little booklet will show you what those skills are, why they work, and how to use them when need to, or when you want to.
You have not lost the keys to being at peace, calm, loving, and being loved. You have just forgotten where you left them.
This booklet can help you remember.

Start Preventing Anxiety & Stress Now.