LIFE Is All About Skills

Individual lives are the glue that holds couples, families, communities, and civilizations together. 

When we thrive, they thrive. When we fail, they fail.

Deaths from anxiety, depression, and suicide, worldwide, are the highest in history.

Our civilization is falling apart because we, as individuals, no longer know how to do the three most important life skills we need to hold our own lives together.

Our relationships don’t work, our emotions are out of control, and the choices we are making are creating more problems than they solve.

Recent discoveries show we why we have serious problems.  

We know 95% of our problems come from the programming we got during the first 1000 days of our lives, beginning at conception.

We know every attempt to change that programming has failed to have any effect on the numbers of our species who are suffering.

We know each successive generation’s life skills are poorer, the quality of their lives is decreasing, and their IQs are lower.

Many people have given up, thinking that change is impossible, or we are too far gone.

That is not true, and it’s not too late!

This website presents a radically different approach.

It is an Online Course that will teach you the skills you need to

solve your own problems,

manage your own lives,

have better relationships,

create fewer negative emotions,

make better choices, and

be a better parent.

Recent discoveries show we can re-train our brains and begin a new life of personal peace and contentment.

I do not expect you to accept this without proof so there is a free mini-course at the bottom of the page with supporting evidence.

It will also introduce you to Sophy, the first Human Being. As you get to know her, you will learn vitally important things about yourself.

How your brain was programmed in your first 1000 days

How that programming becomes your subconscious

How and Why subconscious habits run your life

How you can re-program it with much better skills

A piece of evidence that will help you decide “change” is possible is this:

Your brains already know how to do the skills you want to do!

The evidence is all the successful habits you already have that get you through your day, and skills like driving.

Since our brains always  are ready and able to learn new skills or improve the ones we have, it is a lot easier than anyone expects it to be to update the skills in the three areas of our lives that cause us the most problems.

Learning to consciously use skills our subconscious uses thousands of times a day is not difficult, but it will take some studying and practice.

New discoveries will continue to add pieces to the puzzle of what is the ultimate potential of being human, but for now, I am certain the lessons presented in the full course can teach you how to retrain your subconscious with the skills to have more loving and nurturing relationships, think in ways that create fewer negative emotions, and consistently make better choices.

Take the course that will change your life.

LIFE is ALL About Skills

© 2018 Douglas McKee