Everything our brain does is about “relationships,” and the skills we are currently using, the skills that are creating the life we have, we learned as toddlers. 

If you want more out of life, it’s time to upgrade  your skills. 

When someone mentions relationships, we automatically think about couples. Our brains, on the other hand, see interpersonal relationships as a specific kind of relationship.

Every interaction we have with our environment, either internal or external, is going to be compared to, identified by, and defined by previous interactions we have had with other environments. Everything we think or do, relates to many other experiences.

Time, space, distance, weights, textures, colors, flavors, sounds, smells, balance, walking, talking, eating, dressing, sensations, skills, preferences, and dislikes are just a few of the kinds of relationships our brains process.

Our most important kinds of relationships are: interpersonal relationships, making choices, emotions, needs, wants, values, self-esteem, parenting, work, identity, personality, and trust.

The first skill you will learn here is “How to prevent Anxious Thoughts.” Controlling our emotions is critical, because the part of our brain that “does” emotions cannot control itself. It is, as Forest Gump said, “dumb as a box of rocks.” 

The “experts” tell us emotions are normal, automatic, and uncontrollable. The experts are wrong! The earth is not flat. All we need is

A Radically Different Approach

Our brain already has a built-in switch we can use to change our minds instantly and prevent anxious thoughts.  This means we can easily learn how to flip that switch and avoid creating 50-75 percent of our anxiety and stress. Learning how to use it when we need to, or when we want to, will keep us in control of our thoughts. The key is understanding how our brain works, and one thing is absolutely clear,   LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SKILLS.

I have spent 30 years developing a system that takes skills we already know and use every day, and teaches us how to use them to do two other things:

  1. Stop the subconscious thinking habits that create anxious thoughts,
  2. Upgrade the life skills that are causing our problems to ones that create closer, more loving relationships and consistently better choices, without creating negative emotions.

The Life Is All About Skills course will change your life.

Your skills with relationships, emotions, and making choices, developed before you were five so they frequently don’t work in the complex situations you encounter as a teen or an adult. To upgrade your skills, and your life.

As a First Responder, you are already saving the planet one life at a time, but you need the skills to save your brain from the profoundly harmful effects caused by danger and the negative emotions you face every day.

As you begin the marvelous journey to mastering the emotional side of your being, remember that not too long ago, all the experts believed the world was flat.
The people who are always OK, no matter what is going on around them, do not have a secret. They are just using a couple “key skills” you already know but have forgotten how to use.
If there is a secret, it is that your subconscious knows those skills, and uses them every day.
This little booklet will show you what those skills are, why they work, and how to use them when need to, or when you want to.
You have not lost the keys to being at peace, calm, loving, and being loved. You have just forgotten where you left them.
This booklet can help you remember.

Start Preventing Anxiety & Stress Now.