It’s not your fault your skills don’t create the kind of life you want. Take a look at the following facts to find out why.
We know at least 95% of our serious problems are the results of how we do our three Foundation Life Skills: Relationships, Choices, and Emotions.
We know the development of our skills with these three skills begins at the moment of our conception, peaks when we are 18 months old, and has matured before we start school.
We know, or we should know because it is obvious, that those skills are for managing the world of a five-year-old. They are not the skills we need to manage our world as a teen or an adult.
We know, as shown by the increasing numbers of people suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression, that the current systems for helping people get better are not effective.

A Radically Different Approach is Needed

Prevention is the only workable long-term solution.  There is a lot of evidence showing that our brain already has the processes in place to make prevention possible, learnable, and teachable.The key to prevention lies in looking at how our brain actually works, and one thing is absolutely clear,   LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SKILLS.

The Life Is All About Skills course will change your life.

Your skills with relationships, emotions, and making choices, developed before you were five so they frequently don’t work in the complex situations you encounter as a teen or an adult. To upgrade your skills, and your life,

As a First Responder, you are already saving the planet one life at a time, but you need the skills to save your brain from the profoundly harmful effects caused by danger and the negative emotions you face every day.