Being a mom doesn’t have to be a D.R.A.G.

4 Things That Make Being A Mom a D.R.A.G!

Distress – The “Bad kind of Stress”. You have so many things to do and pulled in so many different directions. Your distress level is off the chart.
Resentment – Unless you married one of the few saints on the planet, you feel like you are doing a lot more than your share of the work, and you resent it more than you let on.
Anxiety – With so many things that can possibly go wrong, anxiety or worry becomes your constant companion.
Guilt – Anything that doesn’t turn out “right”, you feel it’s your fault.
Feeling you should have done something different, better, earlier, later, or not at all.

Recent scientific studies have revealed all four of these emotions use the same brain process AND, more importantly for us is that we can interrupt that process. You can get relief, you can change your response even if your circumstances don’t change immediately. Once you know what to look for, you can stop the DRAG.

Your brain can interrupt DRAG automatically. You can control the DRAG so your negative emotions don’t control you.

A study from Harvard*, shows we spend 46.9 percent of our day thinking about something other than what we are doing. And, that something is negative. We are wasting 7.5 hours daily on negative thoughts.

Stop the D.R.A.G!

 With my quick and easy mental tool, you don’t need to cram one more negative thought into your crazy, busy day. You don’t need to take a bunch of classes or practice for weeks to get it down.

The mental “tool” I have developed takes no more than 5 seconds to use, seriously only five seconds, and you can learn it in less than ten minutes.

Get this ten-minute lesson and start taking control of your DRAG NOW!

Get your life back.

Get more sleep.Get more things done.STOP THE  DRAG

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*Psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard University:                     “A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind”.