26 Sep

Life Skills 5000 – A New Paradigm in Self-Help

All the “important” skills society wants us to learn are taught using the same system, Concepts and Procedures. We are taught the concepts about a particular skill and the basic procedures necessary to perform the skill. We then practice the procedures under “expert” supervision until we master them enough to do them by ourselves.

Driving is a good example of being taught using concepts and procedures. Americans drive about three trillion miles a year with only 675,000 accidents. That represents a really high degree of skill.

On the other hand, our families and society failed to teach us the life skills we need to know if we are to be able to live happy, peaceful, and contented lives. We do not know how to “do” Emotions, Needs, Wants, Values, Self-Esteem, Expectations, and Relationships so those parts of our lives cause us the majority of the problems, pain, and distress we experience.

Life Skills 5000 is a radically different self-help paradigm that will teach you how those skills actually work using clearly defined and developed concepts and procedures so you can enjoy life with a lot more peace and a lot fewer problems.
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