Teenage suicides – 4000 in 2017. Adult Suicides – 40,000 in 2017. Drug overdose – 65,000 deaths in 2017.

Child abuse – 300,000 cases – 2000 deaths in 2017.

Increasing family failure, intolerance, and violence of every kind.

If we look around, it is obvious our world has serious problems.

If we do not start solving them now, our civilization will collapse “in a few decades,” and we will find ourselves in a world we cannot repair.

The key to saving our world lies in a simple fact.  The biggest threats facing us as individuals, couples, families, communities, countries, or as a species, are INTERNAL.  They are not external.

Individual lives are the glue that holds civilization together. When they thrive, it thrives. When they fail, it fails.

Our civilization is falling apart because we, as individuals, are losing the skills we need to hold our own lives together. Our relationships don’t work, our emotions are out of control, and the choices we are making are creating more problems than they solve.

The current systems in place specifically focusing on helping individuals simply are not working. Mental health, self-help, and nearly all religions are not having any effect on the growth rate of anxiety, anger, and anguish. If they were actually helping the individual, the growth rate would be slowing down instead of speeding up.

We need a radically different approach. One that empowers each of us with the skills we need to

solve our own problems,

manage our own lives,

have better relationships,

create fewer negative emotions,

be a better parent, and

make better choices.

One of the most startling discoveries is this: your brain already knows how to do these things. Evidence supporting that statement is presented as a Mini-Course.

The “Lessons” in the Mini Course are based on a collection of current scientific evidence, ancient texts, scriptures, and common sense. Some of the evidence has been “known” for millennia but lacked a scientific explanation for support until very recently.

New discoveries will continue to add pieces to the puzzle of what is the real potential of being human, but for now, the basic knowledge of how to transform our lives by retraining our subconscious with skills that will empower us to realize a significantly better life are known and available.

Since our brains already know the skills, transformation is a lot easier than anyone expects it to be. Learning to consciously use skills our subconscious uses thousands of times a day is not difficult, but it does take practice.

Dig in, the Mini-Course is free. The actual Course costs next to nothing compared to anti-anxiety, anti-depressant medications, or ending an important relationship.

The Introductory Mini-Course

Transformation: A Different Approach

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